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Plan for the use and dissemination of Re-mapping findings

In order to maximize the impact of the Re-mapping project, attention will be given on the dissemination of the research results through different channels: academy, policy makers, educational communities, individual teachers.  The dissemination of project results will be made through a specific work package (WP 3) so that the proper allocation of time and diligence are assured.

The main objective of WP3 is to ensure that the project’s results are smoothly communicated along a wide spectrum of potential users and emphasis will be given to maximize the potential impact and sustainability of project’s results. The target audience for our communication and public engagement activities are: educational communities, university students, researchers and the general public. The planned communication and public engagement actions will start from the beginning of the project but also include activities that go beyond the period of the grant to maximize impact. These activities are part of the Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR) and part of the WP.3.This WP is structured on two axes: the first axe concerns the one-way communication activities focusing mostly on the communication between the researcher, the participating schools, the educational community and civil society in general, and the second axe is based on both one & two-way communication activities focusing mostly on public engagement.