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Impact of the project

The Re-mapping project is aligned to EU flagships for education and its impact is expected to be significant at the micro-meso and macro EU level for three main reasons.

First, project’s objective to improve young people’s educability and employability through reestablishing the organic relation between students and their representational spaces is in line with 4 EU flagships: a) the acquisition of new skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow, b) the enhancement of geographical mobility throughout the EU, c) the Youth on the Move initiative, d) the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Second, project’s objectives are aligned with key EU documents on education, and specifically the conclusions of the thematic group on ESL, the Whole School Approach, the ELGPN note, & the EU’s priorities in education and training.

Third, this project will contribute to meet the above EU challenges:  a) by capturing conceptually and methodologically an unidentified hidden curriculum affecting students’ educational trajectories and career choices, b) by providing readily applicable diagnostic tools to policy makers and schools and c) by providing training material for career guidance for both teachers and students.